Signal 8 is an annual summer salon show that features a curator’s choice of international contemporary artists. Photography will be exclusively exhibited at The Cat Street Gallery and an array of paintings, drawings and sculptures will be shown next door at The Space. The Cat Street gallery’s core artists will be complimented by new faces, acting as both a retrospective and a preview of new artists to come.

Highlights of the exhibition include new works from the gallery’s stable: original silkscreen prints on canvas by Gavin Turk, a central figure in the British art world; vibrant neon work by the innovative British duo Rob and Nick Carter; key new works by some of the most important young Australian painters working today, Guy Maestri, Paul Davies and Tim Summerton; edgy post-pop work one of London’s hottest artists, Stuart Semple; bold holographic work by New Zealander Gina Jones, fluid charcoal drawings and sculpture by the Australian sculptor Camie Lyons; a sensitive yet startlingly contemporary light projection by the British artist Hugo Dalton, a fresh body of Totems by French ceramicist Daphne Verley; whimsical photography from Dirk Westphal in his goldfish series and new butterfly works from the British painter Adam Bricusse.

New names include: the influential photo-Media artist Marian Drew, the established and respected work of the Australian landscapist Joanna Logue and the exquisite drawings of Belinda Fox; small bronze sculptures by the venerated artist of the British School, Rob Ward; sensitive photography on 35mm film hand developed by the German artist Aram Dikicylan; atmospheric and hyper real landscapes by the Australian artist Tony Lloyd; the inventive paint-sculptures and crude oil silkscreen prints by Piers Secunda, gestural abstract paintings by the Australian artist Anthony White; linear wall sculptures by Ray Haydon, distinctive sculptural photography of the British artist Piers Bourke, aboriginal-inspired carvings by the young Australian artist Lucas Grogan, the textural wall sculptures imitating found materials by Jeremy Butler; gritty abstract works on paper by Steve Asquith, urban poetical photography from Denice Hough and Gina Soden- two artists working in the urban arena and quiet, conceptual photographs by Fatema Abdoolcarim; and lastly, introducing the young British graphic artist Simon Plunkett.
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