The Cat Street Gallery is proud to present a brand new show of works by celebrated Australian artist, Andrew Taylor. Returning to Hong Kong with his third solo show, Taylor brings this latest series of paintings, celebrating a new colour palette with his trademark floral motifs that act as moments frozen in time. In a world saturated with images and hyperventilating with speed, Taylor finds room to pause and reflect.

His engaging yet subtle canvasses present the viewer with a window into the artist’s vision - one where the natural world reigns supreme, and stands still, giving us a moment to reflect and dream. In a sense, each work is a metaphor for the modern condition - which seeks out equilibrium and calm amidst chaos and commerce.

Though the artist works in response to intensity of contemporary society, Taylor’s work is neither nihilistic nor pessimistic. Rather, the canvasses celebrate what is still wonderful and possible in the twenty-first century. These are artworks which are made all the more vibrant by their refusal to be swept up by an industrialized, digitized, commodified and globalised age.

A truly gifted colourist, Taylor’s compositions balance a figurative yet abstract line, often with an eastern sensibility in his cherry blossom imagery. Such sensibilities draw further still from the artists’ insistence that one should be able to seek solace in the natural world, and be joyful of it in the face of our rapidly moving world around us. Such expertly balanced, composed and coloured works are a delight to see, and as such Taylor continues to exhibit around the world to great acclaim.
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